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Oil Watchdog |  Fix the Hot Fuel Ripoff

Fix the Hot Fuel Ripoff

This aboveground tank at a Colorado gas station is painted black for one reason; to heat the gasoline or diesel any time the sun shines. Hotter fuel expands and gives you less energy in the tank. Read more about how to stop the motorist rip-off below.

When the temperature of gasoline rises above 60 degrees, gasoline expands but gas pumps don’t account for the bigger volume, so consumers receive less gasoline than they should.

Federal estimates say motorists in California, with average fuel temps of 74 degrees, are overcharged about $450 million a year by sales of hot fuel. State regulators have certified a temperature adjusted pump, but the oil industry is lobbying to prevent its sale and use.


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Sen. Barbara Boxer Urges Temperature Adjustment In California

• Rep. Dennis Kucinich demands that oil company executives explain their opposition to temperature adjusted fuel.

• OilWatchdog To California Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown: Investigate why California Can’t Get Temperature Adjusted Pumps.

Congress Takes Reins on “Hot Fuel” Ripoff of Motorists;


Expert series by the Kansas City Star’s Steve Everly, explaining what
“hot fuel” is and how oil companies take advantage for more profit:

1. Hot Fuel For You, Cold Cash For Big Oil

2. Hot Fuel Triggers Investigation

3. Highway Funding Shortchanged, Loophole Enhances “Hot Fuel” Profits

4. Retail Dealers Who Once Opposed Hot Fuel Now Favor It

Los Angeles Times:

Getting All You Paid For At the Pump?


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