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Oil Watchdog |  Icon Guide

Icon Guide

While the blogs and other postings found at this site can be tagged across multiple categories, it was decided that nearly all of them could be visually organized according to two arenas: The companies and their actions.

For the companies, we have decided to focus on the top five refiners operating in the U.S. Those articles which address multiple companies or otherwise fall outside the big five’s dominion are labeled under “The Industry.”

There are three types of action big oil takes that we can sort most of our data under:
1) Greenwashing,  which includes any efforts to confound, control or erase the body of evidence proving fossil fuels are having a detrimental effect on the environment.
2) Influence, which focuses on big oil’s efforts to control the market by controlling our social and political systems.
3) Misdeeds, which tracks the wrongdoings these corporate giants perpetrate, at home and abroad, whenever they think no one is watching.

Otherwise, there are a few other icons included in this site, the definitions of which are fairly self-explanatory. Review the list below to connect the specific icon with the categories listed above.

= GreenWashing + BP

<img src="http://www.oilwatchdog.org/images/blog/5844684/GR_CH_WT.gif" alt="" = GreenWashing + Chevron

= GreenWashing + ConocoPhillips

= GreenWashing + Exxon

= GreenWashing + Shell

= GreenWashing + The Industry

= Influence + BP

= Influence + Chevron

= Influence + ConocoPhillips

= Influence + Exxon

= Influence + Shell

= Influence + The Industry

= Misdeeds + BP

= Misdeeds + Chevron

= Misdeeds + ConocoPhillips

<img src="http://www.oilwatchdog.org/images/blog/5844684/MD_EX_WT.gif" alt="" = Misdeeds + Exxon

= Misdeeds + Shell

= Misdeeds + The Industry

= Smoking Gun

= Oil Money

= OWD Press Releases

= Media Coverage / The Press

= Reports / Documents