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NY Judge KOs Chevron | Oil Watchdog

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NY Judge KOs Chevron


Thu, Jun 28, 2007 at 3:21 pm

    NY Judge KOs Chevron

    6-28-07 by Court

    Chevron failed to convince a US District Court judge in New York
    that the case against the company for contaminating the Amazon should
    be sujbect to arbitration and removed from Ecuador’s justice system.

    Amazon residents are seeking to make Chevron pay $6 billion in clean up
    costs for subsidary Texaco’s dumping of 8 billion gallons of oil waste
    water in the Amazon. Chevron denies responsiblity, but it now looks like the company will have to face an Ecuadoran judge and/or jury. 

    $!7 billion in profits last year can more than cover a reasonable clean
    up settlment for the Amazon. It’s time the company took responsibility for the environment
    and settled up.  The company has been making a lot of noise about
    its committement to the environment. Now that the federal courts won’t
    let Chevron escape Ecuador’s courts, perhaps its time Chevron’s board
    forced the management to propose a clean up plan rather try to evade

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