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Sting Of Toxic Tones | Oil Watchdog

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Sting Of Toxic Tones


Mon, Jul 9, 2007 at 3:43 pm

    Sting Of Toxic Tones

    If you watched the primetime broadcast of the Live Earth concerts last
    Saturday night, you may have caught the segment where Sting and his
    wife Trudie Styler told the 2 billion plus in the world-wide audience
    about Chevron-Texaco’s war on the Amazon.
    You can bet Chevron didn’t expect to have it’s toxic laundry aired
    before the world. Sting’s song "Fragile", sums up the situation rather

    If blood will flow when flesh & steel are one,
    Drying in the color of the evening sun.
    Tomorrow’s rain will wash the stains away,
    But something in our minds will always stay.

    Listen here.

    As we’ve
    written about before,
    an historic $6 billion lawsuit by Amazon rainforest dwellers against
    ChevronTexaco demands that ChevronTexaco clean up the environmental
    damage left behind by Texaco after 28 years of operation in the Amazon
    rainforest region. While Texaco left Ecuador in 1992, the plaintiffs
    say there are hundreds of toxic waste pits contaminated with heavy
    metals and cancer-causing chemicals that have not been cleaned up. The
    lawsuit argues nearly 30,000 people continue to suffer the effects of
    Texaco’s operations through drinking, bathing and fishing in oil
    polluted waters every day.  And plantiffs also say ChevronTexaco
    has never conducted a comprehensive health study to determine the
    impact of its operations in the nearby communities.

    Chevron hasn’t gone green yet, but paying its debt to the Amazon would
    be a good start. If you want to help Chevron in its rehabilitation, you
    can contact ChevronTexaco’s CEO David O’Reilly and urge him to remember
    what’s "fragile" in the Amazon and why:

    David J. O’Reilly
    Chairman of the Board
    Chevron Texaco
    6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd.
    San Ramon, CA 94583
    Tel: 925-842-1000
    Email: comment@chevrontexaco.com

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